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For a protocol to support the CONS, there must be a mapping between the abstract parameters and primitives of the CONS and the real elements of the protocol itself. For the X.25 Packet Layer Protocol, the main body of this standard provides such a mapping for the X.25/PLP-1984 using Virtual Calls. 

Also provides a mapping of the CONS parameters and primitives to the X.25/PLP-1980, plus an SNDCP. These mappings apply to the X.25 VC service. 

It specifies two sets of procedures from which three classes of implementation are described. (Ref ISO)





Pub Id :

BS ISO/IEC 8878:1992


Status :

Confirmed , Current


Title :

Information technology. Telecommunications and information exchange between systems. Use of X.25 to provide the OSI connection-mode network service


Confirmation Date :



Int Relationships :

ISO/IEC 8878:1992 IDT


ICS Classification :



Committee Ref :




0 580 22608 5


Replaces :

BS 7224:1990







Networking Essentials MCSE Study System
Excerpt: ". . . it has to make decisions on the best routes, unlike ISO 9542, which just has to . . . packet switching protocol. o ISO 8878: Connection-oriented implementation of the X.25 protocol. CONS is not used . . ."

Wireless Telecommunications Networking with ANSI-41
Excerpt: ". . . for Data Terminal Equipment, April, 1993. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO-8878, Infor- mation Technology-Telecommunication and Information Exchange Between Systems-Use of X.25 . . ."



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