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PAS56 (or PAS 56) is a 'Publicly Available Specification' for business continuity management, often referred to as disaster recovery planning (which actually has different connotations). 

According to PAS56, business continuity management should create a framework to help ensure an organization's resilience to disruption in the provision of its products or services. It suggests that business continuity management should also be a pro-active rather than a reactive exercise.

PAS56 is intended for the person responsible for managing and applying business continuity within the organization, and is designed to assist in understanding and implementing the program. It describes the business continuity management life cycle as having six stages, and the contents focus upon these. It is expected to be re-published as BS25999 sometime in the future.






Pub Id :

PAS 56:2003


Status :



Title :

Guide to business continuity management


ICS Classification :




0 580 41370 5





Selected Resources (PAS56, BS25999 and Disaster Recovery)

PAS56, BS25999
A site specifically dedicated to PAS56 / PAS 56. Includes an on site FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Disaster Recovery Planning World
A large established portal for disaster recovery planning and business continuity. Includes resources to assist with planning, a directory and various other materials. 



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